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Bài hát Know Me - Gemini


Lời bài hát: Know Me

Ca sĩ: Gemini

[Verse 1]
Lie to your face about my mind
So I see you with a smile
I don't care about you
Nor do I wish that you could've changed
Not satisfied with you and me
Love was all we really need
Keep my love and honesty
You'll never know the other me

I'm dancing alone inside my head
Somebody save me
Do you know how I'm thinking now?
I'm locked up in love
I'll say the words you always made me
Baby, you know what is going down

Do you know the fight
To keep you by my side?
This love will never change
But I just might go insane
Do you know me now?
So I can see a smile
This love will never grow
But at least you'll nеver know

[Verse 2]
Used to keep my mind besidе the place you like
Never wanted you to hear the words I sing inside
I don't want to change the way we love right now
Want you to be keeping up that smile tonight, every night
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